Neuronys is an innovative EdTech company, aiming to facilitate self-study and globally the on-line education worldwide with Artificial Intelligence. For Neuronys, like for the Stanford Institute of Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence, AI should be collaborative, augmentative, and enhancing to human productivity and quality of life. We name it Augmented Intelligence !

Advanced R&D

Neuronys is currently investing more than 50% of its turnover to AI research. New NLP models are trained to detect keywords, generate questions and summarize text. All these state-of-the-art AI models are part of NOLEJ.app, Neuronys’s flagship product, which help students to learn faster, by leveraging neurosciences and artificial intelligence.


Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a branch of Artificial Intelligence, focusing on understanding language and generating text. As any training materials could be converted to text, Neuronys is becoming the NLP specialist who will reinvent soon the learning experience.

tHE neuronys TEAM

Our values

Artificial Intelligence should ASSIST people to augment their capabilities an make their work/life better and more enjoyable.


EASE self-education by making learning materials more effective.

NOLEJ.app, our flagship app


Inline Explanation

Concepts used in the document are automatically explained,
to improve  your comprehension.

 Automatic Highlighting

Most important phrases of the document are automatically highlighted,
to focus your attention.

AI-generated Flashcards

A set of flashcards (question / answer) is automatically generated,
to improve your memorization.

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